Tuesday, November 10, 2009

McKinsey 2nd Round Case #1



  1. Considering:

    Thanks for the detailed post. Based on this post and the one about your Case #1, I don't see what you could have done better. Sometimes its just the intangibles that make it or break it, and it looks like one of the consultants just didn't *like* you enough. I am using *like* in the broader sense of "belonging to the firm".

    On your personal experience story, I agree that it is always a fine line between describing in detail and staying clear of putting the blame on somebody. I think I faced something similar in my PE story where the consultant kept pushing me on why someone that I disagreed with held a particular position. I think he might have been looking for more "dirt" and if that is the case, then it's not good for me :)

    I have to say based on my interactions with you here, as well as the way you have been so open with the information and insights you have about the interview process, that I believe you will eventually get in to one of the top three firms. You deserve it.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement....I think I'll stick to science for now...this process is exhausting!

  3. I agree that the process is exhausting. I went through it once two years back and this is my second time.

    When the dust settles and you are still interested in McK, you can apply 18 months from now. That's what I did and to my slight surprise they plugged me in to the interview process. I am not sure if this time will come through either, but was happy to get the chance.