Tuesday, November 3, 2009

McKinsey 2nd Round Interview

So I just finished my second round interview at McKinsey. We have been specifically instructed not to give any information about the cases until after interviews are completed, so I will not give too much detail in my discussion of my case interviews at this point.

Overall, I have 2 thoughts. 1) I'm glad that the interview is over and 2) I think it went OK...I'd give myself a B/B+.

The cases were rather typical. Evaluate a series of opportunities/proposals, launch a new product, and declining sales. Nothing too out of the blue. I did pretty well structuring my answers, didn't stumble toooo much with the math, and had good personal experience interviews.

I was surprised with how much I was interrupted during both the case and experience portions and asked clarifying questions or probed for deeper answers.

Overall, it was a good experience...we are supposed to find out our fate by Nov. 17th...a long time to wait! I'm sure I'll get another post up once I have some more time to collect my thoughts...right now my mind is a little numb.

Good luck to everyone with interviews the rest of the week!


  1. Hi
    I would give myyself a b. I did two well and one not so much. I hope they don't take two weeks to get back. The wait will kill me.
    PS: Were you the one with there'd tie?

  2. Cool, that's what I thought. Did you get any understanding of why they need TWO weeks to get back?

  3. Nope....word on the street is we will actually hear back much faster than that, but that's nothing I can be too sure of. I'm hoping for more of a 72 hour turn around. The only reason that they might ask for 2 weeks is if they are really uncertain about a candidate and want to wait until they have completed all interviews to make a decision. I would hope that with the majority of candidates they would be able to say yes or no rather quickly. In my opinion, either you have what they are looking for or not and that won't change over the next 2 weeks.

  4. Yep I agree. I got the impression that most people there were interviewing for the Boston office (that was their first preference). My first preference is a different office and I was only interviewed in Boston due to its proximity to where I live. I am not sure if that chages the decision time frame in my case.

    Also, was this your final round? This was only the second round for me and if was successful in it, they would invite me to a third round interview.

  5. Was 2nd round for everyone there. Boston was not my first choice either.

  6. Do you know if you have to ace all three interviews to be selected for the next round?
    I think I aced one of them, one I did OK and one not so much. I am hoping 2/3 is enough to propel me forward.

  7. I doubt you have to ACE them all, but the "one not so much" might be a problem. I think you have to do decently at all of them without any major mistakes. That being said, I hope 2/3 is enough!

  8. Me too. Let's see how it pans out.