Thursday, June 24, 2010

Consulting Resources

Someone had recommended that we share some resources to prepare for consulting season. This is probably a good idea, but is something that will take considerable effort to accomplish and might be outside of the scope of what I am trying to do. That being said, Tom Spencer (another blogger) has some posts with links to resources that may be useful. I have posted links below:

A link to practice problems provided by the various consulting firms:

A link to several valuable case books that may be useful for your case practice:

I hope that this is at least a start and that it may build the foundation for others to add some resources down the line.


  1. I've collected lots of links and material here:

    and here:

    Enjoy..... The first site is currently being revamped but there's lots there....

  2. Hi Considering Consulting,

    Excellent job with your Blog! I find it very insightful. I am too pursuing a PhD, and at this point it is unlikely that I will be staying in bench science. I first heard about careers in consulting at a science conference in a workshop on alternate career paths, and I was under the impression that it would be rather easy to land a job in this business. Right now, however, it seems very much not the case, and the more I read about it the less chances I see for myself. E.g. I am not at an Ivy league school, and on top of that I completed undergrad in a different country. I will think of a way to mask these "disadvantages", or even turn into advantages on paper, but how in the world am I supposed to get leadership experience while slaving away in the lab still eludes me. I am kind of bummed out about the whole thing at this point.

    Good luck to you! Seems like you are very close to getting it.


  3. seems like getting a consulting job in America is quite different from getting a consulting job in the UK. it would be interesting to compare it.
    Good call on getting that info in once place. It's always handy to have the resources on hand. I think that we could be more to talk about the different types of consulting - management, strategy, technology, delivery etc.

    Considering Consulting - I do graduate recuitment. Happy to provide some material and advice. Give me a should!

  4. MGM, please send me an email and we will see if we can coordinate the sharing of some of your materials.

  5. Not sure if this appropriate for this forum - please let me know if I am overstepping bounds here. But this forum has been so useful for me as I prepare to apply to consulting as an APD... I was wondering if some of us isolated applicants could link up to help one another prepare?

    Coming from a non-business environment, I don't have a lot of friends who understand what this whole consulting thing is all about, and who could help me run through practice cases. Is there anyone else reading this blog in a similar situation? Do you want to link up and trade off practicing case questions together? I live in the SF Bay Area, but we could practice on the phone also. If you're interested, please drop me a line at snake0209 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!

    - Nurith

  6. just confirmed my 1st round interview with mckinsey for next month -- it's right on my campus, which is really nice.

    they went ahead and told me that the 2nd round interviews are being held in a different city, but not necessarily in the office to which you're applying. it's scheduled to take place just 10 days after the 1st round interview.

    after that, they said the 3rd round takes place in the office to which you're applying, but i wasn't given any information about timing. obviously i have no idea whether or not i'll even make it out of the first round, so this information isn't too relevant to me just yet.

    have other APD applicants heard the same info?

  7. Thanks KR,

    I hope people find the collated resources useful.


  8. Hey,

    I would like to point your attention to a PhD consulting club run by UCLA graduate students.

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