Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Consulting Forum

One of the more prolific bloggers when it comes to consulting and a blog I often read for my own personal edification is Tom Spencer's blog.

Tom is starting a new consulting forum for discussion that might be very beneficial to some of you down the line. Here is the link:
I think that Tom and I have very similar goals, to help folks interested in consulting navigate the waters and land the job of their dreams...because of this I am more than glad to help a friend get the word out. Tom would like me to share his description of the forum with all of my here it is:

"New Consulting Forum

The discussion forum will be a place where students and other people with an interest in the consulting industry can discuss:

1. how to get into the industry, and how to succeed
2. which firms are the best and why
3. other general discussion

I think this will be a valuable tool for students and others who are preparing for interviews to pool their knowledge and collective experience, and the more people who get involved the more valuable the discussion forum will become."

The forum just launched today so there hasn't been a whole lot added to it yet, but I think we both hope it will be a valuable resource for you all moving forward.


  1. Another consulting forum that has been working for a while is the one in A good number of consultants and prospective consultants post there.

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