Monday, October 12, 2009

About Me (2): Un-becoming a pharmacist

During my first semester as pharmacy school the chair of the department of pharmaceutical sciences (Dr. S) had stuck his head into one of our classes and mentioned that he would like to have more PharmD students pursue PhDs. He said that PhDs had more opportunities and didn't have a cap on the salary they could earn when they left me this sounded pretty good.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. S to talk about this in some more detail. After the conversation, I interviewed with a few faculty for positions in their labs and ultimately was accepted into Dr. S's lab on a part time basis.

I would take pharmacy classes during the day and work in Dr. S's lab in the early mornings and into the later hours of the evening. We were studying how renal cells recovered function after they were injured (from drugs, surgery, from transplant, etc). To make a long story short, I stayed in Dr. S's lab for the next 6 years...working every weekend, every holiday, and every spare moment to finish my PhD.

After 6+ years, I ultimately graduated with a combined degree the coveted PharmD/PhD! Suffice to say, I thought I would have no problems getting a I know how things really work!

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