Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where to apply

Considering I have had interviews with both McKinsey and BCG during the past year and had been rejected by both, I figured my options were becoming more sparse. Since I had applied to McKinsey last year, I thought I might still have a shot with reapplying this year....until I got the following email from the Harvard McKinsey recruiter:

Dear Applicant-

You can re-apply but I don't think we will be able to consider you for a
position this year since you've recently interviewed with us.


APD Recruiting
McKinsey & Company
Office: +1 212 415 1569
eFax: +1 646 307 6583

Really? I took one test on one day in the cold with less than a week to prepare and that excludes me from interviewing for the rest of the year? I refused to accept that as an acceptable response. I had recently been in touch with one of the consultants at McKinsey who was helping to lead the recruiting efforts for the Cleveland office (an office that I would love to work in). I shot him a quick email to see if he agreed with the recruiter....his initial assessment was that the recruiter was probably right and that there wasn't much that could be done to work around "policies." I was a little upset with this response as well, as I thought the goal of the recruiting process was to find the best possible candidates regardless of circumstance. Fortunately, the consultant agreed and was kind enough to send the following email:

Dear Applicant,

Sorry for the slow response on my end. I've been following up with our
local, regional and national recruiting teams, and, assuming you are still
interested, I would now suggest you reapply this fall. In brief, should
you decide to re-apply, you should carefully describe the activities you
pursued since your interview in both your cover letter and your resume.

I'm apologize if this email only adds to what has already been a confusing
and frustrating process for you. I would be very glad to speak with you
again. If I can be of any help, let me know and we can set up some time to

Best regards,

McKinsey & Company
200 Public Square, Suite 3900
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

This just goes to show that McKinsey is committed to getting it right. They are a world class organization with world class people and in the end, they will make the right decision...even if it takes some time and a little help from me!

With that email behind me, I could re-apply to McKinsey with a clear conscience! Here is the list of firms I have applied to thus far...most are management consulting firms with a little IB and PE mixed in.

Consulting Firms:

1) McKinsey & Co
2) Bain & Co
3) Booz & Co
4) LEK
5) Deloitte
6) Oliver Wyman
7) Leerink Swann
8) Health Advances
9) Campbell Alliance


1) Banc of America Securities
2) Goldman Sachs
3) Edgeview Partners

I will continue to update with progress reports as I hear back from each of these firms. Stay tuned...

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