Friday, October 16, 2009


Hi All...just a quick request. I've noticed that the page is being widely read (>100 hits per day). If you wouldn't mind, please leave a few comments for me on what you think about the material that I've posted so far and please let me know what kind of information you would like to see posted in the future.

I want to make this as valuable as possible for the readers and I can't read your minds!



  1. Hi!

    Just wanted to drop a brief note to say that what you have here in very interesting to me. Most articles I've read so far have been from people with engineering/finance backgrounds so it's great to finally find a blog from someone with a science background!

  2. Nice articles and insights. I am very passionate about Management Consulting. A truly social way of emanating information to help buddying, aspiring and motivated Consultants. Any other book you would recommend to develop consulting skills?

    I would love to know your e-mail ID to interact with you more. ;-)


  3. Thank you for writing all that. Looking forward to read about your success.

  4. Thanx for writing, really! Reading this is very helpful, as I'm preparing for consulting interviews also.

    Wish you the best of luck with interviews & your career! Thanx a lot, again!


  5. I'm finding your blog really helpful because you are describing in detail the interview process within various firms. I've done a ton of research and have read all the standard resources (managementconsulted, marquis' weblog, steve shu, top-consultant, killer consultant, consultant ninja, vault and wetfeet guides to industry and companies, company websites, etc...).

    Your blog certainly fills a gap that exists in that you are providing specific details and insight into the interview process. You are posting really good and detailed content. Needless to say I enjoy the blog and find it useful, even though I won't be applying for several years. Great Work!

  6. Per your request, I'm going to throw out some ideas for future content:

    --I'm interested in your stories for the personal fit interviews. You've prepared all these stories in advance. It would be useful to see examples of how a McKinsey caliber applicant answered the questions.
    --Specifically, how did you tweak your application/resume/responses according to the different companies? Maybe you could provide your cover letters(edited to remove any personal info you're not willing to put out on the net)
    --Detail the feedback you've received and receive in the future
    --A post/series of posts reflecting on the differences in process, culture, questions, cases, time frames, level of difficulty, culture, etc...between all the different companies and little bits advice from wisdom gained by interviewing with each of the companies
    --How to research boutiques & the differences in their interview process/cases and questions
    --Materials allowed during the cases and timeframes (Are you allowed a calculator during the cases? How many sheets of scrap paper?, etc...)
    --What specific questions did you ask during cases which prompted them to give you pre-prepared information such as numbers, charts, etc...?
    --Provide more examples of what types of things were talked about when not in formal interview mode(the casual conversations and rapport building)
    --Answers to the questions that you posed at the end of interviews
    --Further along in the process you could create a visual time line of the whole application process start to finish for all firms (from pressing submit on first application to signing with a firm and anticipated start date). You've included it bits and pieces and one could for the most part piece it together from the archives but to see it all in one place would be helpful to many I think.
    --A post reflecting on what you wish you had done to be better prepared or perform better during the interviews given what you know now...allow us to benefit from your hindsight, successes and failures
    --When you get an offer, detail that process and then if you have the time/desire/ability, an anonymous blog from an insider perspective detailing the life, training, the projects, the types of analysis performed, client interactions, details of the stages of engagements, navigating the political environment within the firm, problem solving methodology, lessons learned, reading for how to be a better consultant, how to perform the research, resources available, tips for successful interactions with high level cliens, engagement mangers, internal staffing, partners, and teammates, how you are learning to perform well in your role, likes and dislikes of the lifestyle, etc... would be AMAZING!

    GOOD LUCK and STAY POSITIVE! I'm sure you're going to land a good gig soon!

  7. Thanks Brad...I'll take that all into consideration and to my best to try to make things as useful as possible. The trick has been to manage my time...I'm trying to do the best I can to keep up right now and keep everyone informed as best I can. I'm sure I will be able to devote more time to your kind of request once I am done interviewing for jobs...I'd love to share as much as I can, but again I am somewhat limited when companies specifically ask me not to share things.