Monday, October 12, 2009

McKinsey says no again-this time with BCG and Bain

After I submitted my applications, I was high on life for a few weeks...after all, i was at Harvard therefore, I was smart and was the kind of person they wanted at M/B/B....they told me themselves in the weeks before.

Despite what they told me, the rejection letters kept coming.

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for submitting your application for a career opportunity with McKinsey & Company.

Unfortunately, we do not have a position available that would best match your experience and training with our needs. Should the situation change, we will contact you.

For information regarding our general selection criteria, please review the application information listed on our website at; we will not be able to provide individual feedback on this decision.

We appreciate your interest in our firm and wish you every success in your career.


APD Recruiter
McKinsey & Company

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in The Boston Consulting Group.

Our recruiting committee has reviewed your application for a consultant position. Although we were impressed with your academic achievements and experience, we cannot offer you an interview at this time.

Again, we appreciate your interest. We wish you success in finding a challenging and rewarding position.


BCG Recruiting

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  1. Here is a email i received upon asking for additional feedback for my application, hope this helps

    Kind of begs the question, if you were so smart, driven and a born leader, wouldn't you just start a business yourself and pocket the millions yourself??

    Thank you for your continued interest in McKinsey. Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on individual applications. As you can imagine, we are inundated with applications and it would be impossible to reply to every request for additional feedback. In general, McKinsey has extremely high standards when it comes to recruiting. We require our consultants to have superior academic results; being in the top 5% of your class, making the Dean's honor lists, or winning the university medal are some achievements we would consider favorably. We look for strong leadership, which may include things like founding a company or charity. Overall, we look for highly motivated individuals with drive and career aspirations. Important skills for our consultants are problem solving, strategic planning, and analytical thinking. These qualities and traits are by no means exhaustive, but are indicative of the type of person who McKinsey would hire.